Fotomontage: Mann steht in Flammen

Fire test furnaces + smoke protection

Those who control fire control the danger

Wall, ceiling, combined, small and column furnaces, burner technology, flue-gas cleaning systems, Smoke protection test rigs and accessories

In case of fire, it is decisive how long building products are able to resist the flames for. Every minute counts – in particular when human lives are in danger. How safe and fire-resistant are your products?

We will find out – with fire & flame.

We offer the following products in the area of fire and smoke

  • Wall, ceiling, combined, small and column furnaces
  • Gas and oil burner technology incl. prescribed safety technology
  • Flue-gas cleaning systems and chimneys
  • Load units
  • Camera systems
  • 3D-measurement, hand measuring equipment, test specimen
  • frames and transport systems
  • Software for all system components
  • Smoke protection test rigs and accessories

Stephan Lechner

Managing Director ift MessTec GmbH

ift MessTec is an expert in the construction of test equipment, test stands and test furnaces. Are you interested in facade, door or window test rigs, test furnaces, climate test stands or our other services?

We will plan your test equipment according to your individual requirements - do not hesitate to contact us!