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ift MessTec – Braving the elements!

What our vision has to do with eternal ice

Do products really live up to their promises? What about high quality?
Are the standards met? These and many other questions can be answered by us:

ift MessTec – professionals for test equipment

For more than 50 years, we have been building the best test rigs in the world and putting building components through hell. We confront them with extreme heat, cold, rain, wind, mechanical endless loops – and all of this out of a single reason: control.

One thing is certain: Products that survive a test on our test rigs will withstand the elements and have more than deserved their quality mark.

The vision that drives us

For centuries, people have been looking for adventure, new and undiscovered things. Whether this is about expeditions into difficult natural territories or unknown terrain on new markets – in addition to courage, one thing is needed most of all: a strong partner by their side whom they can rely on.

We master challenges and conduct our customer relationships with this conviction. The map of quality assurance and standardisation work has white spots that we can only discover together as well. Thus, we pave the way towards the target step by step to find a solution that is perfectly customised for you. It is a path that we are walking together as partners.

Fotomontage: Frau in Gewitter, Blitze
Gruppenbild der Mitarbeitenden der ift MessTec, die Personen sind aufgestellt in einem Fassadenprüfstand

About ift MessTec

ift MessTec GmbH with its 20 employees and headquarters in Rosenheim was founded as a subsidiary of ift Rosenheim GmbH in August 2016. More than 50 years of experience and unique knowledge in terms of test activities, standardisation and calibration of our parent company are a strong background for innovative solutions. We are among the best developers and designers of test rigs and measuring equipment – depending on the customer‘s individual requirements. In short: We are born to test.


We take over for you:

  • planning of complete test centres
  • customised engineering – based on individual customer requirements
  • meeting of European and international certification prerequisites

Have you become curious? Try us – we are looking forward to your challenge!

Products we develop, build and sell

Test rigs for wind and driving rain loads Data recording and evaluation systems
Furnaces Climate simulations for heat, cold and moisture
Flue gas cleaning systems Fire/smoke protection test rigs
Permanent function test rigs for hinges, locks, handles, doors and windows Radiation test rigs

Tension and pressure test machines

Test rigs for U- and g-value measurement
Meer mit Gewitter am Horizont, Blitze und Tornado

Stephan Lechner

Managing Director ift MessTec GmbH

ift MessTec is an expert in the construction of test equipment, test stands and test furnaces. Are you interested in facade, door or window test rigs, test furnaces, climate test stands or our other services?

We will plan your test equipment according to your individual requirements - do not hesitate to contact us!